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Halo 4 (Xbox 360)
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Halo 4 (Xbox 360)



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In Halo 4, the Master Chief returns to battle new enemies, deadly technology and an ancient evil bent on vengeance and annihilation. You can enlist aboard the UNSC infinity to join the Spartan-IV program and experience revolutionary Halo Infinity Multiplayer modes in this award-winning game for Xbox 360. The universe will never be the same again.

Product Details:
Product Length: 5.31 inches
Product Width: 0.51 inches
Product Height: 7.52 inches
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 7.6 inches
Package Width: 5.4 inches
Package Height: 0.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.2 pounds
Release Date: November 06, 2012
Average Customer Rating: based on 2848 reviews
Game Information:
Platform: Xbox 360
Media: DVD-ROM
Item Quantity: 1
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 2848 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

18 of 20 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome sequel and great start of a new saga!Nov 26, 2012
By Joe
I've been a Halo fan since 2002 when Halo first game out. I was at the release of Halo 2 and still remember buying it at a convention right before I moved from California. With each purchase of the Halo games I loved it even more. Then after Halo 3 release I found out that bungie was not able to work on Halo much longer anymore and another company was working on it. The news broke my heart. I found out that 343i is taking over, and I didn't like that idea. I had disliked 343i when i found out, but as more news came out about them, i started to trust them. Especially with the Halo 4 trailer. And of course I got it. I was not disappointed in any way whatsoever. I booted up the xbox, put in the disk, turned my tv to 3D, and turned up the sound. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. The graphics were so great that I literally just sat there doing nothing but looking at the screen for 15 mins. The sound effects was the second thing I noticed. From the deep and powerful sounding Assault Rilfe to the high pitched alien-like sounds covenant weapons. Everything was perfect, it had the original "halo" feel, awesome sound effects, unbelievable graphics, and great story. The only complaint I have is the fact that the campaign was shorter than normal, but 343i were able to explain the whole story and add little extras all in that short campaign. It felt a bit rushed, but everything was there. The campaign was a lot more immersive and I could actually feel what was going on, it could just be from the graphics and sounds, but it was more immersive than all the Halos i've played. The campaign shows more of the human side of chief and I could feel what he was feeling even with his helmet on. The ending really threw me off, and I started crying. Multiplayer is a bit like reach and halo 3 combined, which think is great. I gotta say, out of all the Halo games i've played. Halo 4 felt like the most polished. Halo 4 is probably the best Halo game in my opinion. I can't wait to see Halo 5. 10/10!

86 of 122 found the following review helpful:

5Best Halo yet!Nov 08, 2012
By Evad
Six months ago I was convinced that NOBODY could possibly take the incredible work of Bungie and maintain their level of quality and refinement. I had no intention of buying Halo 4. But over the past couple of months 343 would keep putting out videos that kept me intrigued. I decided to give in to the hype and I am absolutely blown away by what I am seeing on my 60" screen...

* The game feels like Halo, but it also feels new - not sure if that is helpful, but they managed to keep the core while pushing the story and gameplay forward
* The graphics are superb, but the sound is absolutely the best of any game I have every played. The gun sounds "punch" your speakers pretty hard and all the affects really grab your attention
* A lot of diversity and progression has been added to the multiplayer aspect of the game. I am less of a "run and gun" type player so I appreciate some of the game modes where the goal is to capture buildings (Dominion) or control space (King of the Hill). It adds a layer of strategy that allows us mediocre gamers to play a key role
* Spartan Ops is fun! With three other friends you can play these "bite-sized" missions and continue the story beyond the campaign. I believe we will continue to get new missions every week so my friends and I have new content to play together every weekend!

* In the campaign, I kept running out of ammo and was forced to switch weapons constantly. Sometimes trying new weapons was a lot of fun, but other times it was a drag using the plasma gun over and over and over...
* In mutliplayer when I watch my Death Cam to see how I was killed, it seems like they dont always hit me and I still died. Its like there is some sort of an accuracy issue with the game. Either the Death Cam is wrong, or I am getting killed by bullets that are not hitting me. Either way it needs to be fixed

Overall, I am still surprised that anyone can take a big franchise like Halo over and somehow manage to not only keep the "magic" but actually make it feel like the next step. I have no regrets buying Halo 4!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3Disappointing sequel.May 12, 2014
By T, Nguyen
I'm glad I didn't buy this game the day it came out. I would've wasted $60. When I saw a used copy available through Amazon for only $13 + free shipping, I figured I might as well give it a try.

The campaign is unmemorable. This is the only installment in the franchise that I have yet to revisit the single player upon completing it on Legendary. I do so with the previous Halo games made by Bungie and still replay them to this day. I find the level-design in Halo 4 to be quite poor. There are only two missions in particular that I enjoy. The rest follow the same linear format of, "run here, press this button. Run over there, press another button."

I, unlike the majority of the fans on here, find the relationship between the Chief and Cortana rather stale. It's another cliche rendition of a machine falling in love with a human. I understand that it was necessary for 343i to detail her rampancy for the sake of the plot, but I wish they had done so differently. There are times when she's sad, irritable, and stressed, and there are other occasions when when she's happy and humorous; she's a lot like a woman who's experiencing premenstrual syndrome. Some of the dialogues between Cortana and John were quite sappy and cheesy. Examples:

Cortana: *goes AI crazy* THEY REPLACED YOU! Sorry!
Chief: It's okay.
Cortana: How? How is that okay? How is me putting you at risk because I can't keep it together okay?

At the end of the game:
Cortana: *touches Chief on the chest* sigh..I've been waiting so long to do that...

The multiplayer is fun, but it doesn't feel like Halo; it's the bastard child of Call of Duty and Halo. I also dislike the game's ranking system (SR1-130 in contrast to Halo: Reach's military-like ranks). But most of all, I hate the new armor permutation. 90% of the helmets are grotesque. The Spartan-IV's look like cheap action figures. I prefer the gritty look of the Spartan-III in Halo: Reach.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Halo series was in good hands with Bungie and it's still the case with 343iJan 08, 2013
By Terrence Aybar "cinemaparker@twitter"
You know, call me crazy but this entry in the series is quite possibly one of the best Halo games yet. The graphics are the best in any Halo game to date and the newly redesigned sound effects pack some serious oomph into the game. The story is really well done and introduces a whole new set of characters for us to get familiar with. It's interesting to note that when the game starts off, it's simply business as usual with very little to separate it from any of the other games. Then the Prometheans are introduced and the game suddenly becomes something else, a whole other thing entirely. These new enemies are super cool additions to the Halo universe and I look forward to seeing more of them and their variations when the inevitable Halo sequels get released.

The campaign itself feels a little shorter than usual but it's completely satisfying throughout and graphically speaking, there are moments that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Multiplayer is as good and solid as ever and Spartan Ops, the new, episodic content that lets you perform missions either solo or with your friends is pretty sweet, especially as you progress further into the missions. The controls are classic Halo so jumping right back in should come as second nature to any seasoned Halo player. Savvy players will notice a few differences here and there such as loadouts and changes to the character customization component but they're changes that only improve the game, not hamper it.

If you're a Halo fan, this one is a no-brainer. If you're not, this one comes easily recommended and you don't have to be a Halo geek to enjoy this, you can easily jump right in this one and get whatever background story you don't get from the game from the wikis or the books. The best thing I can say is that any fears of the Halo series being handed off to another developer have been assuaged. Bungie of course will be missed but 343i obviously have a deep love for the franchise and have done remarkable things with it.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5FantasticJan 07, 2013
By Nicholas M. Still
I've been playing games since 1987 when I got my 1st NES for Xmas. I started really playing Halo in 2008 when I got my 1st Xbox. I had, of course, played multiplayer Halo on other friends' Xboxes in college and grad school and enjoyed it but had never tried the campaigns. When I finally got an Xbox (because I couldn't resist Mass Effect), I decided it was a good opportunity to give Halo a try. I picked up the original trilogy off E-bay and got to work.

Fast forward 5 years and Halo has become one of my favorite game series of all time. Halo 4 is the near-perfect evolution of everything Bungie built over the last decade. The campaign completely blew away my expectations vis-a-vis the continuation of Master Chief and Cortana's story. If you were a fan of the original trilogy, you'll find an action-packed, emotionally-gripping tale complimented by eye-popping visuals (possibly the best graphics of any console game) and a crushingly good score. Forget any reservations about 343 taking over development (From Bungie) and Neil Davidge taking over music (for Martin O'Donnell). If you're a Halo fan, this is the game you hoped it would be.

If you like multiplayer, you are going to find a range of options and unlockables here to keep you busy for a long time. I don't typically play a lot of multiplayer. I'll play a games campaign, spend a week or so playing multiplayer and move on to another game. I've been playing Halo 4 MP for 2 months now while my game backlog builds because I just don't want to play anything else. There are modes for every taste and a growing community that'll thrive until the release of Halo 5 and beyond.

My only personal complaint is the lack of campaign matchmaking. It'd be nice if you could pop online and get matched up with someone who wanted to play the same campaign mission as you did. You have to settle for playing the campaign with LIVE friends (Halo: Reach did add this feature after the games release, so we might hold out hope). If you were in big fan of Firefight, in previous games, it has been replaced here by Spartan Ops, an episodic, story-based Co-op mode (which I personally prefer but others do not). Also I've heard some complaints online, from Halo fans, about the additions of Sprinting and Loadouts (too Casualized, too much like Call of Duty), but for my money they only serve to greatly enhance the multiplayer experience. Finally, if you don't have a Xbox LIVE Gold Account (an extra expense), you will be greatly limited in the amount of content you can enjoy (Including videos unlocked during the campaign that must be viewed through the Halo Waypoint, a Gold-required Application).

Very minor annoyances aside, all in all this game has pretty much everything a fan of First Person Shooters could want. Story, Music, Visuals, Vs Multiplayer and Co-op all blend together to create the best game of 2012 and one of the best First Person Shooters of all time. Buy this game, you won't regret it.

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